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Steady Idle Garage is equipped to handle all your vehicle needs. We offer many services from performance upgrades, maintenance and diagnostics and repair. With over 30 years combined experience we assure you that you be satisfied. No issue is too small. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to pinpoint

and repair any and all failures on your diesel. We can take care of anything from a complete engine overhaul to intermittent electrical issues.



With factory trained technicians we offer diagnostics right the first time.

We use top of the line diagnostic equipment to pinpoint failures on your diesel and provide our customer with top-notch service. We guarantee we will perform preliminary diagnostics within 24 hours of vehicle drop off.


We offer products from over 350 vendors in performance and accessories. We have the skill and knowledge to install all aftermarket accessories and all power adders. From tuners, exhaust systems, head studs, intake kits we can assure you get the right products to bring out the potential of your diesel while remaining compliant for smog. Interested please inquire in our contact tab or Call Us!


It is commonly know that maintenance is the key to keeping your engine healthy. Neglect of you maintenance can cause premature component and engine failure. Steady Idle Garage can take care of all maintenance needs like coolant flushes, transmission services, oil changes, and fuel filters.

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